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Home Values – Fall 2014

As the housing market moves into fall, the momentum experienced during the spring and summer months should help continue boost home values for the remainder of the year.


At Rocky Mountain Appraisal, our appraisal specialists deliver high quality, accurate and professional appraisals at a reasonable cost. Our experienced appraisers are knowledgeable in commercial appraisals, as well as agricultural, farms

Arizona Mining and Mineral Property Valuation Specialists

Mineral properties are somewhat rare although frequently contain a variety of different ore bodies. Hypothetically, If one is interested in aggregate products and the land visually contains a plethora,

Rocky Mountain Appraisal Recognized As One Of The Top 10 Appraisal Firms In Arizona

Rocky Mountain Appraisal was recognized earlier this month and has been ranked in the top ten of all appraisal firms throughout the state of Arizona. The ranking was done by The Best of Arizona Business for 2015 which is part of Arizona BIG Media,

What is an acceptable discount for fractional interest ~ Partioning

How to value Fractional Interest in Real Estate ~ Partitioning costs.

“How do I divide or value property that is owned as Tenants in common Imagine that you own a property or a parcel of land with another person – a sibling, a friend, or a spouse.

Building Industry Confidence Remains Strong

Home builder sentiment slipped some in a new April survey by the National Association of Home Builders and Wells Fargo, but industry confidence remains at healthy levels.

The NAHB’s HMI index came in at 68, down three points from March’s 11-year high. Industry sentiment is strong if the index is more than 50.

Rocky Mountain Appraisal, LLC
Strong Demand Remains but for how long

Fears of higher rates have slammed stocks in the housing sector this year.

The nationwide average 30-year mortgage jumped to a seven-year high of 4.61% in May from a low of 3.78% last year.

Rocky Mountain Appraisal was voted among top 10 Appraisal Firms in Arizona for 2016!

We are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, Rocky Mountain Appraisal was voted among the top 10 Appraisal Firms in Arizona by, “Ranking Arizona.” The Best of Arizona Businesses. Thank you to our clients, colleges and friends for voting for us.

Displine Certifications

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